Tiffany holds a B.S. in Exercise Biology and Psychology and an M.A. in Teaching with in emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. In addition to owning and operating The Cafe Keto, she also works full time as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for a non-profit agency that coordinates various services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Tiffany has always been passionate about athletics, health, and general well-being. From 2003-2006, she attended UC Davis where, as a student-athlete, played DI lacrosse at UC Davis while interning as a student athletic trainer. During this time, Tiffany traveled with different teams in her off-season and provided acute care, injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation to the teams to which she was assigned. Some of her greatest memories and highlights during her college career are the 2007 wrestling season (making it to Nationals and coming home with the first All-American and National Champion), the 2005 football season (beating Stanford), the 2003 lacrosse season (being selected as Rookie of the Year). After graduation in 2007 (yes, a full 5 years), Tiffany worked as a personal trainer at a globo-gym and as a biomechanical data analyst at a litigation firm in town.

Soon after in 2008, Tiffany left personal training and decided to focus on data and research, however, the litigation firm let her go and she was left at a crossroads where many 20-somethings often find themselves. To pay the bills while she looked for a “real job”, Tiffany found a job working as a tutor for young children with autism at a local Sacramento agency. While she didn’t realize it at the time, it was here that she was introduced to the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and realized a greater purpose. Tiffany found a niche working here and after a few months, jumped into a masters program at National University to study the science of behavior even further. By 2010, Tiffany had earned her master degree and her certificate as a BCBA and she has been in the field ever since.

Tiffany currently lives in Visalia, CA with her husband and 4 fur children, which you can often catch on her personal Instagram account (@tiffanychristmas). She trains at Horizon Strength & Conditioning and is constantly working towards getting stronger, fitter, and better.

Giving the ketogenic community a way to satisfy their sweet treat cravings while staying in ketosis is a new passion of hers that she can’t wait to fulfill!


Jacqi met The Cafe Keto owner and creator, Tiffany Christmas, in 2016 with a common love for fitness and lifting heavy weights. Together, they’ve competed in CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, and most recently, they’ve found a new hobby in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! As The Cafe Keto experienced an enormous amount of growth, Tiffany began searching for the extra set of helping hands she needed to take the bakery to the next level. With a shared love of health and wellness, it only made sense for both of them to dive into The Cafe Keto together.

Jacqi is the newest piece to the puzzle and the ketogenic Central Valley can expect great things from her. With Jacqi at the helm with Tiffany, they expect the menu to grow and the presence of the keto lifestyle to be available in more locations throughout the Central Valley.  

Jacqi is a certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, and licensed massage therapist. Follow Jacqi on social media and keep up with her health and wellness adventures!

Instagram: @cf_wonderwoman