General FAQs

How can this yummy treat be so low in carbs?!

RIGHT?! With careful trial and error in our “lab” (aka the kitchen), The Cafe Keto has developed a handful of delicious goodies for those on a low-carb high fat (LCHF) or ketogenic diet. The main carb contributors to many standard sweet treats and desserts are typically all-purpose flour (wheat) and sugar. Both are loaded with carbs and also carry a higher glycemic index value (system that ranks food on a scale of 1-100 based on their effect on blood sugar levels). The Cafe Keto uses many substitutes for all-purpose flour and sugar such as almond flour, coconut flour, stevia, and erythritol. These items are lower in sugars, carbs, and overall calories too!

I’m not on any particular type of diet. Can I still eat treats from The Café Keto?

YES! The Cafe Keto serves everyone, not just LCHF or keto eaters! The treats sold at The Cafe Keto are geared for those that are LCHF, keto, and no sugar no grains (NSNG), but that shouldn’t stop you if you’re just wanting a yummy sweet snack!

Do you ship?

No. The Cafe Keto is a Class A Cottage Food Operation (CFO). Current regulations only allow Class A CFOs to sell directly to the customer within the state of California. This means postage and packaging may not be used. The Cafe Keto may only conduct business with the customer directly.

Where else can I find The Cafe Keto?

Besides placing an order online, there are a few other places you can find The Cafe Keto.

Menu items can be found in Fresno, CA at The Patio Cafe as well as USBean Brew Station and we are always looking for more local businesses to help us share our keto-goodness with this community. (Contact us if you know of a place that needs to carry The Cafe Keto!)

The Cafe Keto is continuously working hard to bring this amazing community keto-friendly treats. You can also find us at different events throughout Tulare County and eventually in other neighboring counties as well! Be sure to check out our Calendar of Events to see when you can taste some of our deliciousness next!

If you’re not using sugar, what sweeteners do you use?

The Cafe Keto prides itself on using sweeteners that have a low Glycemic Index, which doesn’t raise blood sugar levels in the body and therefore keeps your insulin low as well. It is for these exact reasons that The Cafe Keto uses sweeteners such as stevia and erythritol. In some of our products, however, we do use sugar free chocolate that is made with malitol and contains other preservatives. It is important to look at our labels to determine which treats may and may not affect you. For more information on other low-carb sweeteners, click here.

How long do treats last?

Every single treat is made to order so you taste the freshest product and experience all of the best The Cafe Keto has to offer. Products are best consumed within 1 week of baking as The Cafe Keto tries to avoid using any preservatives. Lucky for you, these treats will have no problem getting eaten and with a constantly full and changing menu, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to order more of your favorite things.

…but if you’re really looking to stretch ’em out, you can freeze them! Take them out and thaw when you’re craving a treat!

My mouth feels cool when I eat some of these treats…should I be worried?

The Cafe Keto uses a sweetener in some of their products called erythritol. Erythritol has a large cooling effect that is quite noticeable for some snackers, however it’s nothing to be alarmed about. Erythritol is safe and is one of the most keto-friendly sweeteners available!